It is an Idea to bring “Fun N Frolic” our Busy Mumbai Lives by adding “Thrill N Joy” into our Family Goals with some “Food N Wine”!!!!

concentrates on innovating Ideas into unique Events. We’ve prided ourselves on being more than just an event organizer firm. Bringing Event and Adventure together, we are consciously targeting a Euphoric Day – be it with Family, Friends or Colleagues to celebrate an Event, Birthday, Anniversary, or just your SUNDAY!

We ensure each Participant is involved and evolved by the end of it, testing their own limits and finding their hidden talent which they never knew existed.

We create a specific platform like no other in bringing many Brand makers and the Brand takers under one roof to celebrate new ideas and encourage creativity.

We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to create the uncreated through path breaking ideas and Flawless Execution . We are not only Passionate about getting it right, but about getting it right every time.